Friday, March 26, 2010

Keep On Raining.

Keep on raining this few days
hope the sunny day cum back fastly
the taiwan movie'海派甜心'ald watch finish
so touchingT.T
i dunno cry hw many times when wathing this movie
mummy and sis also
all of u watch ald?
i think u will feel this a nice movie too
5 days exam ald pass
when during exam can't slp really so suffer
form5 n form4 any diffrent?
same nid to do exam not?
hw cum form5 can't slp@@
hv to work 2moro
wait my nxt post

Monday, March 22, 2010

Bless me~=)

Working day=)

Anie;me;Vivi and her cousin

Today is the 1st day exam
Bahasa cina
my loveLy subject
hope can pass it=)
fine,is time to slp now
wish all the form5 students goodluck when during exam
and bless me too^^

One week holidays.

Ntg Special to post out
let pic's to talk=)

Last Sunday.
My supervisor wedding day
let see the pretty girl and handsome boy=D
we went to her house after work
so the wedding party ald finish~
we jz have some food at her house
after that bii send me bek
i feel the malay ppl wedding so nice
exspecially this chair
Nxt day
On the way to working.

Went to genting wth bii and my fren peipei wth her bf
two couple=)
Capture time

Chuuu x)

On the way to genting =)

2++ reach strawberry farm^^


The strawberry too small ald><
so we did't pick it..

'wai sik' poh

Peipei wth her bf
sweet couple=)


I buy this from strawberry farm..
strawberry water
taste like POP
ntg special;)
Photo sticker again
l like genting photo sticker machine
the colour so nice

take by miss peiPei
dame funny in this pic
and super duper cool that day..
Tea time at genting starbucks.
7++bek KL
and we had a dinner at hometown steambot restaurant
after that home sweet home.
still gt many pic inside peiPei camera
wait her send it to me
after get all the picture's will post out again