Friday, May 21, 2010

Starhill @ Pavilion.

After school 12:30pm
spend 15 minutes to reach home
prepare my thing at fast as soon
then follow mummy n sis out
We had a lunch at Starhill
my Lovely 'Dim Sam'
Damn Delicious~~~
Thums up!!=D
Mummy say nxt time bring us go 'fisherman'eat seafood
a reataurant inside Starhill also
2nd round
we go pavilion
cuz mummy is looking for her working shoes
walk in few shops bt din hv buy any shoes there
at last find a shoes that mummy want in parkson
after that desert time
eat basketrobins ice-cream
mummy and sis decided to go eat snowflake

Not not really yummy
i like MY ice-cream more
7 smt home sweet home**
A super duper tired day
i nid to slp early tonight
Have a nice day=)
finally,my shop nt close on tis end of may
is 30 June

Something must think twice
don't feel any regret
that is useless
nO one will know what your feeling
better than throw all the rubbish thing from my brain
i think it is the right way for me

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Kuala Selangor =)

Last friday
After school went to TS wth my lovely mum and sis
cuz sis gt a appoinment for do facial=)
Be4 going out=)

1pm more reach there
when sis during the facial time
me n mummy ofcuz enjoy our shopping time
wait sis come out and we take a rest in a shop for eat ice-cream
Yummy yummy=p
i drink a cup of fresh grape juice

Pretty mum and m3^^

Cutie sis and me;

On the way to work

wait bii after work 7pm
then back his hometowm kuala selangor wth him
cuz nid to attend his ah yi wedding dinner=)
reach there about 10 smt
feel abit exciting when walk inside his '老家'
otherwise i'am nt 1st time back his hometown and meet his parents
cuz there are too many his parents inside
actually he have 8 ah yi
add them husband and children
can u imaging hw excited when u saw this><
use平常心is better
after that Mr Lee call her frens came out and hv a drink
cuz them is long time no meet
1++am sweet dream.
Wake up in the morning and prepare my thing
Mr Lee are vry vry bz
actually he is no time to acc me
after brush his teeth then straight go his '老家'help his parents makes hair
i'am the last ppl to gv him make hair
he help me make a curly hair
i gt abit gek shock when saw my hair change to a curly hair
actually i'am nt habit
Cuz i feel too mature ald
bt Mr Lee say nice then i'll trust wat he say
Deng deng
My mature look
izit suite for me??
Only take a photo wth him there
cuz he is busying doing the camera man

Finish the dinner at 4pm more
i feel so sleepy
cuz i'am nt enaugh slp in sadturday nite><
so we decided back his house and take a nap 1st then jz only back KL
if nt is so dangerous for drive if u are not enaugh slp
8pm like that is time to say Bye Bye to Kuala Selangor
Heavy rain when on the way bek to KL
behind that guy keep talk wth us
i'am so pei fu him can talking wth us in the car til we reach KL
anywhere,thx for treat us dinner that nite
12:30am home sweet home*
Monday monday
a super suck thing again
wake up in the morning and walk to the skul><
i'am mengantuk whole day in skul that day
Keep missing my bed when during eng period in the class
and my eyes is can't control keep close ==
A normal day today
ntg special and we form5 students is start exam 2moro
hope i can pass the subject=]
After write all my stories about this few days
i nid to tell a BAD BAD news to all of my readers here
this month is my last month work at photo sticker shop ald
until 3o may..
cuz the rent prise ald increase
30 thousand i think
so my boss final decision is close the shop=(
that mean is bankrap
hw sad izit when i'am listen this bad news from my supervisor
all of the staff there will lost the job
i work ald one year at there i think
i'am really nt happy when i know i'll leave the shop soon
i think i'll stop work for a long time
stay at my home and rest
or mayb i'll find a new job again
i hope all the best to me
so who of you are like to take photo stickers
pls bring ur lover or frens take more photo stickers be4 our shop is close

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Happy Mother's Day + Honeymoon

A Late Wish To all the Mummy here
Happy Mother's Day♥
Turn back the tittle~
Sunday i have bought a present to mummy
i think she will like it=)
7pm after work daddy fetch me n mummy back home 1st
then only go out had our dinner
Grandmother with us also
i love you tOo my 'popo'
At last we decided to go Station1 eat steak
After that 2nd round
My mummy favourite place 'OldTown'
Have a nice chat there wth my family
12++home sweet home

We went to kepong yesterday
so SHuyii fetch us to honeymoon again
Girls Talk
jz us 3 people =)
sis and i^^

Take By shuyi Kwong
Actually she bought a new canon camera
sO we keep take picture there
Enjoy the desert and enjoy the girls talk
i hope we meet again nxt time

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Movie ♥

Tuesday night went pavillion wth my dear family
Sis did't join us
cuz her bf did't go so she dunwan go also><
That day was something happen in my bii house
His laptop is lost
hw sad izit...
he is damn bad mood
hope he won't think it anymore again
jz let it pass
turn back the tittle=)
we watch 'Ip Man2'

be4 going out=]

I need to grow FAT!!
we 11:15pm watch til 1am++
not bad,bt nt that good as i think be4 i watch this movie
after movie we go steven corner had our supper
i jz drink a cup of hot milo
2am home sweet home*
did't go school on wednesday
cuz i'am not enaugh sleep@@
Bii came my house find me 4 something like that
after that we decided to watch movie again
actually i want go 1U
bt he dunwan..he say damn traffic jam><
so we go wangsa walk
nt much movie there
cuz the cinema jz open not so long
i want watch 'The Crazies'
bt din hv==
so i acc him watch again 'Ip Man2'
i watch the same movie 2 times in one week><
after movie ate dinner at 'sky'
after that home sweet home
hope to watch this movie soon