Thursday, July 15, 2010


All of this picture's is from last sunday work
be4 going to work=)
act ntg special nw days
i jz wanna say
i'am really nt nt nt enaugh slp!!!
it really a suffer thing to me=(

2moro our skul gt a function at titiwangsa
is merentas desa
i won't attend the function 2moro!!haha=D
cuz i hate hot whether,i dunwan becum black black
2day heard a bad news in skul
PKLN result is out ald
all my classmates is busying sms in the class and check themself gt kena ant..
this is the sad thing that i thiking from january til nw
i'am vry vry nervous guys=(
my fren help me check from hp ald
wait about 2 hours only get the answer
bt i won't be so happy 1st
cuz i know sms is nt 100%comform right?
so i'll check again by internet in oktober..
comform one more time~
i hope the second answer is 'MAAFKAN' also
dun change to 'TAHNIAH'
i really can't except it i'll going to the camp soon
eat the curry rice 6 times in one day
every morning do the stupid pumping or something else under the big SUN !!
i'll die soon~.~
Stay Tuned my dear readers=)

Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy Birthday To My Dear♥

30 June was my Bf Mr Lee Bday
So be4 that 29 nitez we help him celebrate his bday
wth his frens also=)
10smt dear came my house and fetch me
we go Green Box Sing K

Dear,Tzen,Stephy and Nic
When 12am i take out be4 i alr buy that cake and walk infront of him
i dunno u gt get syok ant
bt anywhere i hope u're really happy and appreciate wat i done for u
Make A Wish;)
after that receive present time
i buy a Armani Perfume to my dear
jz Take few picture that day
The bday party finish at 3am
after that home sweet home*)
AT last I need to wish my dear happy Bday
bcum more mature loh
mz ting ting hua hua..xDD
I Love You;Mwak♥
1/7 is our 6 month anniversary
ntg special that day=)
jz feel time is past so fast
receive a emergency call from ipoh uncle
he tell us 'Tai Poh' was death><
sO we bek ipoh and attend her丧礼..
3 days did't go skul ald..
nw days nt enaugh slp
my dark circle bcum more serious again=(
2moro hv to work
a new job is waiting for me
hope all the best ya =)
goodnights all my readers^^