Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hello October =)

Hello peeeeeps!So long never update my blog ald
blog gonna death!!>< some dairy about last two weeks my skul holidays
had a 2 days 1 night melacca trip wth the bf and one pair of sweet couple
name call Peipei n Adel=)
we went there on 21 n 22 SEP
Tuesday and Wednesday.
if i did't think wrong we on the way to melacca about 10am
12++ we reahed there
and the 1st thing we want to do is went to the hotel and check in
the hotel name 'HOLIDAY INN'
i think gt 5 stars
cuz the room design is so nice**

took some pic inside the hotel room
my favourite hobby.=p

The Bf and the gf
Name Hansen n Ginny

2nd round
after rest in the hotel
then we decided to go out and had a lunch at the famous place in melacca name'鸡场街'
inside there have alots of mini shop
inside is selling some 古董and some famous biscuit at melacca
melacca is a damn hot weather place
it make me so unconfortable..
so dissapointed we can't eat the most chicken rice ball
cuz ald sell finish
so we go the古城chicken rice shop had our lunch
nt vry delicious
i think no more nxt time..><
after that we bek to the hotel and take a rest
peipei them decided to go swimming
the problem is i dunno hw to i din join them
i take a nap at hotel alone~~

half an hours ago
the bf came bek ald..
after take bath we go out and find smt to eat again..=)
what a nice view=)

after rest we go out again about 6pm++
we decided to go eat satay lok-lok
a famous food at melacca also
did u all heard be4?=)

took by me
after eating we went to the'Red House' area
at the center there gt a旋转塔
u can see all the melacca nice view if u seat inside there
one ppl only hv to pay rm10
so cheap izit.;)
me and miss pEIpei.
the 1st pic took inside
the 2nd pic.
we gt sit the三轮车also
The nxt day
woke up early in the morning
after prepare all the thing then we check out
and go bek the same place eat the famous chicken rice ball
finally ....
iS Full of ppl inside
da dang
the yummy chicken rice ball =p
after eating the 2nd round eat again!!
we went to the MAM JONKER 88
did u saw the'HO CHAK' sticker?
that right!'HO CHAK' went there be4
that mean there food not bad izit=)
we eat the asam laksa n cendol there regret i din oder a bowl for myself
i jz share wth peipei
cuz is too delicious man!!
nxt time went there i must eat the asam laksa again!
really yummy =D

The sweet cendol;
After finish our breakfast
we go a shop name三叔公
inside is sell all melacca土产=)
we buy alots..
I saw a group of cute cartoon inside
izit cute!??=)
after buy finish all the things
is time to say goodbye to melacca
we leave there around 4pm like that
bcuz something so i keep silence in the car when on the way bek to KL
i need to say sorry wth my frens and the bf
cuz in this short trip,dunno hw many times i show my black face to u all
i knew it make u all nt really enjoyed the trip
i'am so sorry my frens=(
i promise no more the same problem nxt time kay..
in this 2 weeks skul holidays except the melacca trip
i did't go anywhere..i jz work for earn more money
my holidays is so tired sia
time past so fast
2 weeks holidays is finish and is time to reopen school and face the trial exam
so unlucky,i get sick ald
absent one week
so make me can't take the chinese and sivik subject~.~
nt only the form5 students are facing the trial exam nw
the form3 students is taking their PMR exam too
wish all the form5 n form3 students all the best and can get good result here=)
What i want to say? HELLO OCTOCER!!
i wish that all the unhappy thing leave far from me and all the goodluck keep follow on me
exspecially the problem wth u!
nw days keep quarrel wth the bf
hw many times i try to solve all the problem wth u..
bt why still the same??why still done the same thing to me
did u know what i really want and what i really need on my mind?
No couple will wish they are always quarrel..
i try to treat u good bt u look like won't appreciate
i don't hope that one day i'll gv up is jz bcuz the same stupid problem n the same attitude
u must knew it!
i'am not a superwoman
i gt my own feeling also.